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Here at Select Employment, we understand that people are the key to the success of any business. Whether you’re based in our home city of Toronto, or further afield in Canada or the US, we can provide you with pre-screened applicants, seeking positions in admin, healthcare, industry, manufacturing, transport, and many other sectors.


We are a Full-Service Recruitment and Staffing Agency


While some agencies specialize in either permanent or contract recruitment, our professional placement coordinators are exceptionally experienced in delivering a full range of services. This allows us to meet whatever need our clients may have – either now, or in the future.

Right now, we have access to a diverse range of talented job seekers, looking for employment on a full-time, part-time, permanent, seasonal, or contractual basis. We’re also able to place staff on a contract-to-hire basis – giving your business the flexibility to assess a candidate’s skill, before committing to the offer of a permanent position.


Our Approach to Recruitment


Our own business is led by a team of highly-experienced recruiters, adept at identifying the needs of each business we work with, before putting forward the best-suited candidates.


Naturally, we look carefully at the experience, academic qualifications, and practical skills of each job seeker recommend. But, a key distinction of our approach is the focus we place on looking beyond these basic aspects, in order to assess a candidate’s personality, character, and aspirations.


It’s this distinctive approach to our work that allows us to ensure that we consistently nominate candidates who positively complement the working environment of the businesses they join.


Efficient Recruitment Solutions


Our professional recruitment services are designed to deliver the expertise you need, at a price that your business can afford. We’re able to handle every stage of the process – including advertising, recruiting, training, referencing, payroll, follow-ups, and replacements. You can also rest assured that we have the correct liability insurance and WSIB coverage in place to cover our employees.


At Select Employment, we focus on recruitment, allowing you to focus on running your business!


Your Recruitment Professionals for Life


We offer face-to-face consultations and genuine 24/7 support as standard. But our focus goes beyond delivering a first-class, one-off recruitment service… We’re determined to become your recruitment professionals for life!


We know from past experience that a successful placement can fuel a business’ ongoing success, profitability, and expansion. And we’ve seen how that expansion can lead to further recruitment…


To put it simply, when we make the right match, you succeed, and when you succeed, we succeed!


Start Today!


Are you looking for the right people to take your business to the next level?


The talent you need is closer than you think! Contact us today and our recruitment specialists will guide you through the process of recruiting the right people to empower your business’ success!

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