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It doesn’t matter whether you’re unemployed, a graduate, a newly arrived immigrant, or simply in search of a fresh way to progress your career, finding the right job is one of the most positive steps you can take in life.


Here at Select Employment, we’ve already helped over 6000 job seekers to find their perfect placement – and with dozens of positions available right now, we can do the same for you. Our client base includes a range of businesses of all sizes, based locally in Toronto, and throughout Canada and the US – offering you access to an exceptional selection of employment opportunities.


We actively recruit individuals for roles in diverse sectors including construction, transport, industry, healthcare, admin, manufacturing, and many, many more… Whatever position you’re searching for, here at Select Recruitment we have the keys to your future!

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Flexible Recruitment Solutions


We understand that many job seekers face a variety of lifestyle commitments outside of work, and in many cases, the old pattern of a 9-5 permanent job simply doesn’t suit that lifestyle. But right now, we have a range of roles on full-time, part-time, seasonal, contract, and contract-to-hire arrangements.


Rest assured, if you have commitments such as childcare, our placement co-ordinators will be fully sensitive to your needs, and will weigh these factors carefully when considering which opportunities are appropriate for your unique circumstances.


With Us, It’s Personal!


At the heart of our approach is the understanding that a successful placement is the result of a successful match…


Our expert recruiters will take the time to understand your skills, abilities, and experience, before suggesting which roles you’re likely to be best suited to. What’s more, we’re big believers in the idea that personality matters. That’s why we’ll look at your goals, aspirations, and your outlook on work, in order to assess which business will provide an environment where you’ll best fit in…


At Select Employment, we care about more than simply finding you a job, we want to find you the right job!


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